What Size Shed is Right for Your Yard?

There are so many options when it comes to picking the right shed for your yard. Whether you're looking at size, materials, cost, or any combination of the three, it can be hard to know which the best option is! We want to share our top tips for choosing the right shed size for your yard in hopes that it'll make your decision-making process easier.

Tips for Knowing What Size Shed to Choose

What will the shed be used for?

This is probably the top decision you'll need to make in order to choose the right size shed. Are you going to turn this little building into a workshop? Or will it be used for gear storage? Whichever route you're going will determine much of your size and storage needs. When planning your usage, don't forget that length and width are not the only dimensions you'll be considering! Height is also important. Overhead storage would be great for seasonal gear like skis or a surfboard or having tall, open space might be nice for natural lighting in a workshop.

What will you store in your shed?

Storage Shed

Once you've decided how you'll use your shed, you need to take a bit of an inventory on the items you want to house in there. A workshop might include a large saw or other equipment and you'll need space for the tools but also for you to be able to move around the tools comfortably and safely. If the shed will be used primarily for storage, the equipment or gear you're storing will need to be accounted for. Will bikes, snowboards, or garden furniture be hung from the walls or ceiling? Also, don't forget that anything stored above your head will need to be light enough and easy for you to lift safely.

How big is your yard?

Your yard is a finite amount of space and the dimensions and use of that space can determine the size of your shed. If you have pets or kids that play in the yard, you won't want a shed that is so palatial there isn't much yard to speak of. Also, access to the shed needs to be taken into consideration. If you've got a lawnmower in there that needs at least a few feet in front of the door to exit, you can't make the shed so big you can't get the mower out when you need it!

We hope these 3 tips have given you a good starting point when thinking about the size of shed that is right for you


Genesis Serrano