What hardware items can I buy to upgrade the style of my shed?

Is the hardware on your shed in need of an upgrade? Are you looking for reasonable prices and fast shipping? Then Shed Supply is the right place for you! Shed Supply offers its customer with high-quality products for storage sheds, barns, gates and more! Here are a few of our items that you can purchase that will for sure spruce up any structure on your shed, barn, gates and more:

Our Raised or Louvered Window Shutter and Flower Box Set:

Upgrade the look of your shed with shutter or flower boxes to make it look more appealing and blend in with your home

Flower Box Set


  • Shutters color fast, color will not fade or chip

  • Shutters Come with Color Screws to Blend In

  • Flower Box never rots or fades

  • Flower Box Color matches shutters

Shutters and Flower Box can be purchased individually

Decorative Shed and Bard Door Kit

This decorative shed kit is ideal for someone who is building their own shed or wants to upgrade their current hardware.


Decorative Hinge Set
  • 1-Decorative L-Shaped door Handle (5.5” shaft length, turns clockwise, keys and screws for handle included)

  • 1 D-Handle

  • 3 Decorative Hinges (5” or 6” Length)

    Handle and Hinges can be purchased individually

8X16 Louvered Exhaust Vents

Brown Vent

These vents work for your shed, barn, play house and more!

These Vents comes in two colors:

  • Brown

  • White

They are a great way to help ventilate your storage building or barn. They are also very easy to install.


All of our products come with FREE Shipping and Sales Tax is included! We also offer Fast Shipping within 3-5 business days.

Our products can be seen throughout the 48 contiguous states on a variety of outdoor buildings and sheds. Whether you love DIY projects, are planning to build your very own storage building, or are wanting to spruce up your barn, gate, or even a tree-house, we have what you need to get started!

Do you need a custom or bulk order? No problem! We have variety of items that can come in bulk sizes. We have hinges, spring latches, barrel bolts and more! Give us a call to place your custom or bulk order!

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