Storage Buildings & Portable Sheds: Profit As A Dealer

Business owners are always open to ideas on how to bring in more store traffic. They recognize a good Return on Investment (ROI), and are eager to increase their revenue stream.

Piggy Bank with money


The people at American Barn Group have a proven formula on setting up dealerships to represent the line of wood and metal building manufacturers across the country, from storage buildings.

To begin with, if your property has the space for 8 to 10 units, you can become a dealer without any investment upfront.  Does this mean you’ll make less money on your sales? No way. You get paid the same regardless if your customer rents a unit, or makes a cash purchase.

In many cases, the dealer can offer his customer free delivery; that’s very strong way to close any deal!

We really work closely with our dealers offering full training, and ongoing support covering our complete line of products. Are dealers really like the ideas we send their way—ideas on ways how to increase sales.



Business Traffic Chart

Our Group has a national online presence that enhances your local and online advertising efforts. The promotional material you receive from us is informative and designed to attract a viable customer base.

So go to our website. Look over the range of moneymaking possibilities the American Barn Group offers through its wide product line. Then contact us for more information.

Marcel Rodriguez