Storage Buildings: Painted vs. Stained

Whether it's a garage, utility shed or a lofted barn cabin, everyone wants their building to be aesthetically pleasing. In the marketplace, storage buildings come in a wide variety of styles and colors to suit your home or business needs. Once you have chosen the style of building you want, color is the next big decision to make. The real question is do you paint that brand new custom building or do you stain it?

Paint or Stain, What's the Difference?

When diving into the details, stain is the same as paint for the most part. Both provide protection and add color, but beyond that the similarities stop. Paint and stain are noticeably different once applied to the surface. Where as paint sits atop the wood, stain soaks in enhancing the wood's natural surface.

Stained Wood Siding 

For those looking for a natural wood look, stained natural wood siding will provide a rustic and distinct look, especially in a farm or ranch setting. The siding can be stained and treated with a stain that includes a water sealant, which protects the wood from the elements.

Painted Siding Panels

Painted siding will give your shed a custom look. A painted shed will provide character as well as protection from fungal damage, termites and decay.

Pros vs. Cons 

  • Painted is slightly more expensive than stain

  • Stained natural wood siding requires no primer

  • A natural look will require future upkeep for re-staining

  • Generally stain is less expensive than painted panels 

Your local home improvement store should have many paint and stain options to choose from. You can even get samples to take back and compare so that you are sure to pick the right color for your storage building!

Marcel Rodriguez