Sheds Are Only as Good as Their Foundations

A foundation is a prepared base on which a shed sits, and it is important because it supports that shed. A foundation keeps the shed sturdy and protects it from moisture that could cause it to rot. Just like a house, the foundation supports the walls, and the walls support the roof.

Since the foundation is so important, you want to make sure you get it right the first time. You want the foundation to be level and sturdy, and there are different types of foundations that you can choose from.

Types of Foundations


Portable Garage Shed on Gravel Foundation

Gravel is an easy solution for a shed base and is less costly than other types of foundations. It is useful if you plan on parking heavy equipment inside of the shed. Dig a hole about three to four feet deep and the size of your shed and begin pouring gravel inside. The gravel will need to be packed in as you go to help make a stable surface before attaching the shed.


  • Low cost
  • Provides a stable surface
  • Easy to do yourself


  • Gets Wet Easily
  • Gets Cold
  • Makes Equipment dirty


This is a good way to get a strong base at a great price. Pavers can be purchased at hardware stores and can be placed down in just a couple of hours. First, you want to level the ground under it with gravel or sand followed by plastic to weatherproof the shed. Then, lay the pavers over the plastic to make a durable foundation for your shed.


  • Shed easily secures to pavers
  • Easy and quick to install


  • Not good for larger sheds
  • Will sink over time
Bike Shed on Concrete Foundation Slab


A strong, flat, and level surface can be created from concrete. It provides a strong base for the shed and is also a good surface to work on. You can pour concrete yourself, but it is easier to leave it up to the pros. You will have to call ahead for the concrete, then it will take hours to pour, and you will have to wait days after pouring before using it. 


  • Very strong and durable
  • Easily can be customized


  • Can be costly
  • Takes experience and time
Storage Shed on Shim Foundation

Some other types of foundations for sheds include timber frames, concrete piers, and pressure treated shims. Each shed and foundation is different than the rest. It is important to choose the right foundation for your shed that will be durable, cost-effective, and functional. A shed is only as good as its foundation.

If you are planning on hiring someone to build a shed and foundation or are planning to build yourself, visit our website today! Shed Supply has all of the shed building hardware, parts, and accessories that you need.

Marcel Rodriguez