Kodiak Generator: Power Up!

Your hunt is over if you're looking for the best compact solar-powered generator on the market. Say hello to the Kodiak. Camping, off-the-grid living, or emergency power outages will be a breeze once you get your hands on this amazing generator.

Let's dive in deeper.

Camping with the Kodiak Solar Powered Compact Generator makes traveling a breeze

Why Kodiak Is Superior

Emergencies happen. Which is why it's so important to have a backup power source handy. With the Kodiak in your arsenal you'll have peace of mind knowing if emergency strikes, you're fully protected. Kodiak can power home appliances for many days at a time. It includes a wall AC charger or you can use solar panels to juice it up.

Camping can be a luxurious experience with the powerful Kodiak solar generator on your side. Camping will never be the same again. Long gone are the days without phones or waiting for the hot water to boil over the fire. You can even bring your coffee maker along to enjoy unlimited amounts of fresh brewed Joe every crisp morning. Also, it's great for powering essential medical equipment such as CPAP machines or humidifiers.

Compact Kodiak solar powered generator easily fits in your closet, bookshelf, or stow it away in your car!


The Kodiak weighs in at only 20 pounds! Forget the hassle of lugging around heavy, traditional, fuel-powered generators. It's even small enough to store away in a closet or bookshelf.

What It Powers

Power up all your favorite electronics, medical equipment, or appliances with the flip of a switch.
Smartphones100 recharges - Rest assured, you'll always stay connected.
Tablets - 40 recharges - Rev up your favorite games to pass the time or catch up on your favorite e-book.
Laptops - 20 recharges - Always have a laptop handy to start writing that book you've been meaning to write.
Refrigerator - 33 Hours - Foods will stay fresh for well over a day! Impressive.
Sump Pump - 2.5 hours - Get all that water out of your camper and basement with tremendous power.
Microwave - 1-hour - That's a lot of pizza rolls.
50'' LCD TV - 16 hours - Binge watch your favorite shows all-day long.
Electric Blanket - 14 hours - Stay extremely warm if the power goes out or you're "roughing" it camping.
CPAP Machine - 25 hours - Over two nights worth of sound and healthy sleep.
Basecamp LED Light - 166 hours - Never get stuck in the dark.

These are just a few examples...the opportunities are endless.


  • Internal Battery - 1,100 Watts or 90 AMP hours (Lithium NMC)

  • Battery Life - 10 years or 2,000 cycles

  • Battery Expansion Option - Yes, any 12V lead acid or AGM Deep Cycle Battery

  • Dimensions - 14" wide x 7" tall x 8" deep

  • 8 plug outlets, 4 USB, RV plug, Car sockets, Light Port

What's Included?

  • Kodiak Solar Powered Generator

  • AC Charger

  • Shoulder Carrying Strap

  • User's Guide

Kodiak has your back no matter if you're living off-the-grid, camping, or are in a blackout due to a tornado or ice storm. Be prepared. See for yourself why we're better than the rest.


Marcel Rodriguez