All About Earth Day 2019

What is Earth Day?

Every year, on April 22, over one billion people in more than one hundred and ninety-two countries take part in the global event known as Earth Day. The annual event began in the 1970’s when ,Earth Day founder and U.S. Senator, Gaylord Nelson inspired largely by the Santa Barbara oil spill of 1969, set forth the idea of massive demonstrations across the nation in support of environmental preservation. The theme of this year's Earth Day is "Protect Our Species" as an effort to raise awareness regarding the accelerating rates of species extinction across the globe.

How Can You Participate?

Environmental Literacy

Environmental literacy is one of the major initiatives of Earth Day and can be defined as an individual's capacity to make responsible decisions for the future of our planet including an understanding of the natural systems and the role of humans within the environment. You can help foster environmental literacy through several ways, including but not limited to:

earth day 2019
  • Engaging in discussion about sustainability 

  • Advocating for environmentally friendly goods and services

  • Taking part in community service projects 

  • Attending environmental events in the community

End Plastic Pollution

Another important initiative of the Earth Day Network is to End Plastic Pollution and thus drastically reduce its effects on our environment such as its threat to the survival of our marine life. You can help to reduce plastic pollution and change others' attitude regarding plastic waste through any of the following methods:

Save the marine life
  • Calculating your current plastic consumption through the Plastic Pollution Calculator

  • Using reusable shopping bags, straws, and water bottles in lieu of their plastic alternatives

  • Encouraging your city or state leaders to ban single-use plastic items

  • Recycling any plastics, you no longer use or have a purpose for

The Pesticide Pledge

Colony collapse disorder, the phenomenon in which worker bees grow confused and become unable to return to their hive, is on the rise largely due to the widespread use of harmful pesticides which attack the nervous systems of pollinators such as bees. Since we rely on pollinators to stimulate plant growth, here is several ways we can prevent this spread:

Bee Hives
  • Taking the Earth Day Network's pesticide pledge

  • Planting bee-friendly plants such as clover or sage 

  • Avoiding the use of harmful garden pesticides

  • Supporting local beekeepers in your community

While Earth Day 2019 is an amazing opportunity to encourage awareness of the human practices which negatively affect our environment, you can and should perform any of these acts of preservation throughout the rest of the year to help protect the world for future generations.


Genesis Serrano