5 Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for Summer

Spring is here and that means summer is around the corner! Summertime is generally when we spend the most time outside on our lawns - barbecuing with the neighbors, birthday parties with the kids, and maintaining our yards. With so much time being spent on the grass in the next few months, you should be sure to prepare it properly so that you get a beautiful, resilient lawn all season long! Here are a few tips on how to prepare your lawn this summer:


lawn weeds

Remove the weeds, moss, fallen leaves, and twigs that have accumulated over the winter. These materials can prevent sunlight and water from reaching the grass and therefore make it harder to grow when the warm weather arrives.

2.    AERATE

Aerating your lawn allows water and nutrients to reach the roots more efficiently and it gives the grass some breathing room. This step makes it easier for your yard to bounce back after winter and stay lush and vibrant throughout the hotter months. Aerate throughout the summer as needed if you find the ground is hard to penetrate.


The soil in your yard may need a little extra help providing the necessary nutrients for your grass to grow and remain healthy. Adding feed and fertilizer regularly can help supplement the nutrients already found in the soil.

4.    RE-SEED

Bare patches are bound to show up, especially around the edges of your shed. All you need to do to fix them is add some extra seeds to the area and - with the proper nutrition, hydration, and care - they'll bounce back and blend in with the rest of the lawn.


watering lawn

Instead of watering a little bit every day, we recommend watering more substantially once or twice a week (or less if you've been getting regular rainfall). Grass has a more difficult time growing if it is constantly drenched in water and over-watering can also lead to diseases.

Follow these 5 tips to prepare your lawn in the spring and be sure to engage in regular maintenance throughout the summer to ensure your lawn is the best on the block! 

Genesis Serrano