5 Pool Cleaning Ideas

The summer season is finally here and as the temperature rises everyone wants to take a swim. It is, therefore, paramount to keep the pool clean and functional. Here are five ways of maintaining the cleanliness of your pool during this summer:

vacuum pool

1. Vacuuming the Pool

You need to vacuum the pool regularly to ensure the water is clear. It also assists in minimizing the amount of chemicals required. There are various kinds of vacuums you can use, including a manual design. In this case, be sure to move it forward and backward while overlapping every stroke to clean effectively. After vacuuming, clean the filter if necessary.

2. Keeping Dogs Away from the Pool

Dogs love to jump into the pool and have fun. But this is not a good idea since chlorine can irritate their skin. Moreover, their fur can make the pool dirtier and clog your filters.

3. Cleaning Out the Skimmer Basket Regularly


The skimmer is set up on the pool's side to help in cleaning out contaminants from the pool. When debris gets inside the water, this equipment ensures that it does not get to the pool's bottom. This debris is stored in a skimmer basket, which you need to empty and clean regularly.

4. Ensuring Proper Water Level

The level of the pool water must be at the skimmer's center. This makes sure that the skimmer's door closes properly to keep the debris in. When the water level is too high, the door might malfunction, and debris might return to the water. When it is too low, the pump can burn up.

cleaning tools for pool

5. Brush the Tile and Walls

Cleaning the tile and walls with a brush will prevent the buildup of algae and calcium deposits. Use a soft brush for tile, but the wall materials will dictate the cleaning tools for the pool wall. For instance, a concrete pool wall can be cleaned with a stiff brush.

There is a lot that goes into cleaning a pool, but these five tips will go a long way in ensuring that everything works. You will enjoy your summer without having to worry about pool repair costs.


Genesis Serrano